Lindisfarne Oval Hair Slide


Lindisfarne Oval Hairslide. Pewter, handcrafted in Cornwall

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Lindisfarne oval hairslide –  a pewter Lindisfarne inspired design hairslide with rhodium-plated stainless steel sprung clasp.

handcrafted in Cornwall

The clip on the back grips the hair tightly to prevent the hair-slide from slipping out.

The Lindisfarne design on this item comes from the famous Lindisfarne Gospels. An opulent and richly decorated Gospel book, the Lindisfarne Gospels was created in the early eighth century CE for ceremonial use at the monastery of Lindisfarne in the northeast of England. The manuscript’s main text, which was written out by a single scribe, is a Latin version of the Four Gospels known as Saint Jerome’s Vulgate. This is a revision of the Latin Bible made in the late fourth century CE and widely used throughout the western world.

Width: 76mm Height: 40mm Clip length: 70mm

Supplied in a velvet draw-string pouch.

Barrette clip sourced from France.


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