Glas Mor Maelstrom Pendant – Silver


Glas Mor Maelstrom Silver Pendant. Handcrafted in Cornwall



Silver and enamelled pendant hanging on a silver chain.

Handcrafted in Cornwall

The seas around the Cornish coast are often whipped up by storm force winds, while the meeting of the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean off Land’s End create whirlpools and swirling patterns in the waters. Our Malestrom pendant is inspired by these factors and is sure to be commented on when worn.

Part of the Glas Mor collection, these items feature beautiful coloured glass enamels inspired by the colours of the sea. Each piece is hand enamelled with fine glass powder and kiln fired to achieve stunning azure colours that add a totally unique element to each piece of jewellery, with no two items looking the same.                     

Diameter 27mm chain length 18inches (45 cm)

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