Bronze Kissing Hares


Bronze Kissing Hares

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Bronze Kissing Hares

Handcrafted in Cornwall

Bronze kissing hares necklace – solid Cornish bronze necklace depicting two leaping hares joined together in a kiss. Comes on an 18″ gold plated trace chain.

The  Cornish bronze is cast in house from recycled copper and Cornish Tin. Bronze is a fantastic metal for making jewellery with the look of gold but without the high price, it is renowned for its strength and longevity.

The hare is a sacred symbol for the moon. It symbolises fertility, longevity and abundance.
In our Celtic history the Goddess Eostre (Ostara) was closely associated with the hare and the rebirth of nature in Spring. Today the Easter bunny has become a symbolic icon worldwide.

Width: 38mm Height: 28mm

Supplied in a satin lined and recyclable gift box.


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