Cabyll -Ushtey Horse Hair Slide


Cabyll – Ushtey Horse Hairslied. Handcrafted in Cornwall

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A really beautiful Cabbyll Ushtey design pewter hairslide with a wooden pin. The American black walnut wooden pin on the back holds the hair tightly to prevent the hairslide from slipping out.

Handcrafted in Cornwall

Hairslides with a wooden pin require a thicker mass of hair to be effective but once pushed in remain very secure.

Rising from its home in the deep pools of the Isle of Man, Cabyll-Ushtey would take the form of a beautiful white horse and tempt weary travellers to ride on its back – only to disappear with them into the depths from which they would never return.

Width: 69mm Height: 56mm | Length of pin: 117mm

Supplied in a velvet draw-string pouch.


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